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Niall MacHugh

Niall MacHugh

Originally posted on ILRI news:
In sadness, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) reports that Niall MacHugh, a long-term former scientist at ILRI and its predecessor, the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases (ILRAD), died 21 Mar 2017. Niall MacHugh was quiet about all his accomplishments. He was an expert in invisible, hard, life…

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Micro-economic analysis of the potential impact of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and its control by vaccination in Narok district of Kenya

There is inadequate herd and community level information on the impact of CBPP and its control by vaccination to allow adequate allocation of resources for CBPP control in affected ecosystems of Kenya. A study was designed in Narok district to provide this crucial information for the Maasai ecosystem. Continue reading

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Approaches to vaccination against Theileria parva and Theileria annulata

There is a great deal of similarity in the immunopathology, genomics and biology of T. parva and T. annulata. Similar protective immune responses are directed against the sporozoite and schizont stages of the parasites, and it is remarkable that many candidate sporozoite and schizont antigens are also so similar to each other. Hence, advances in development of subunit vaccines against one parasite species are likely to be readily applicable to the other. Continue reading

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How to validate an antigen candidate for T. parva

The ECF consortium is aiming at producing a vaccine that would trigger both an antibody response and a T cell dependent response. Thanks to the whole genome sequence of Theileria parva and its annotation, we have short listed hundreds of antigen candidates, but the number of antigen candidate that can be tested in cattle is limited. How do we narrow down the list of candidates to a handful that can be studied rigorously in live experiments? Continue reading

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Can we remix the East Coast fever Muguga cocktail?

The recent meeting of the East Coast fever consortium, which brings together experts in immunology, parasitology and genomics from three continents (ILRI, Edinburgh, Antwerp, IGS, as well as the organization that produces the infection and treatment method (ITM) vaccine, provided a venue to discuss a way forward. Continue reading

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Can cancer biology help us understand East Coast fever?

A recent review, as well as current studies in the primary literature, present examples of how cancer research can be used in the study of Theileria biology, suggesting that this might be a turning point that could revolutionize how T. parva infection is studied. Continue reading