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Introducing English and Swahili instructional videos on the patterns, signs, symptoms and control of Rift Valley fever

The aim of these short and practical video productions is to improve knowledge of Rift Valley fever and its control measures. To further encourage local communities to participate in surveillance and programs working to better prevent or control the disease, the videos have also been prepared in Swahili. Continue reading

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Keystone Symposia meeting: New approaches to vaccines for human and veterinary tropical diseases

To be held 22-26 May 2016 in Cape Town, an important component of this Keystone Symposia meeting will be to stimulate crosstalk between the human and veterinary vaccine communities by highlighting cross-cutting technical advances and new science and knowledge from laboratory and field research. Continue reading

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Keystone Symposia conference on immunity to veterinary pathogens: informing vaccine development

Announcing Keystone Symposia’s 2015 Conference on “Immunity to Veterinary Pathogens: Informing Vaccine Development” . Submit an abstract and register today for Keystone Symposia’s conference on “Immunity to Veterinary Pathogens: Informing Vaccine Development,” taking place January 20–25, 2015 at Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado, USA. Continue reading