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Protecting Africa’s cattle with a live vaccine: An East Coast fever impact narrative

For the past 40 years, ILRI’s research on ECF has focused on developing better methods of controlling the disease, principally through vaccination, and obtaining a far greater understanding of the impact of the disease. A vaccine is now registered in three countries and good protection for dairy and pastoralist cattle is being achieved, particularly in eastern Africa Continue reading

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Photoessay explains how new East Coast fever vaccine project will save cattle, livelihoods

In January 2014, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) announced formation of a global consortium to develop a new vaccine against the tick-borne livestock disease East Coast fever. AllAfrica.com featured a photoessay that tells the story of the risks posed to the livelihoods of herders and farmers in Africa by East Coast fever as well as previous research attempts to fight the disease. Continue reading

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Film interview: Tony Musoke on how farmers would benefit if East Coast fever were eradicated

Tony Musoke, chair of an external advisory committee for a multi-institutional project on ‘Improved Vaccines for the Control of East Coast Fever in Cattle in Africa’ describes how Africa’s farmers will benefit from better controlling East Coast fever. Continue reading