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Green Mountain-ILRI agreement to make high-quality monoclonal antibodies detecting infectious cattle diseases more available worldwide

Structure of an IgG2 antibody (via wikimedia).

‘Green Mountain Antibodies has signed an agreement with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) of Nairobi, Kenya to produce and distribute monoclonal antibodies that detect infectious disease markers in cattle. This agreement is a result of a collaboration between Green Mountain Antibodies, ILRI, Dr. John Barlow of the University of Vermont, and Dr. Bill Golde, currently of the Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland. This agreement allows Green Mountain Antibodies access to existing antibodies and will lead to greater world-wide availability of high-quality, validated antibodies for animal health diagnostics.

‘Monoclonal antibodies are created by fusing an antibody-producing white blood cell with a cancer cell, resulting in a hybrid cell that produces identical antibodies and is immortal when grown in the laboratory. Monoclonal antibodies are one of the foundations of biotechnology and are used as therapeutics for human health and diagnostics for human and animal diseases.

‘With close to 1.5 billion cows on the planet, and in Vermont almost 1 cow for every 2 humans, livestock production for food competes for natural resources and is a significant contributor to global warming. With current regulatory efforts to decrease routine use of antibiotics in food, vaccines become increasingly important to prevent disease. Monoclonal antibodies to blood markers can indicate if a vaccine is protecting an individual from a bacterial, viral, or parasitic disease following vaccination. Since many infectious diseases in livestock also infect humans, improvements in livestock vaccines will positively affect human health.

‘Dr. Bill Church of Green Mountain Antibodies believes “producing smaller numbers of healthier and higher value animals will relieve some of the contribution of food production on climate change, and at the same time, in the developing world, let small farmers improve their standard of living by having healthier animals. We are excited that ILRI recognizes our strengths in antibody manufacturing and we share their vision of producing healthy animals for a healthier world.”

‘Green Mountain Antibodies is a biotechnology company in Burlington, VT and is a global leader in monoclonal antibody production. . . .’

Read the original article on VTDigger (Vermont, USA): Green Mountain antibodies announces production and distribution agreement with African livestock research institute, 18 Apr 2017.

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