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A centre for development of monoclonal antibodies for use in ruminant research

Following the 2016 ECF Consortium annual meeting in May 2016, participants in the project drafted short blog posts about different aspects of their work related to East Coast fever (ECF) vaccine development. This post was contributed by William C. Davis, Lindsay M. Fry, and Donald P. Knowles (Washington State University).

The WSU monoclonal antibody (mAb) center was established in 1982 with a focus on developing mAb reagents for use in research. It became a formal service center of the Washington State University and CVM in 2012.

It now operates as a non-profit service center with primary support derived from services and direct sale of mAbs through the center and sale of mAbs as OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to for-profit companies for resale at a modest discount. This arrangement provides an opportunity for for-profit companies to contribute to research and development without excessive investment of resources.

The repository currently contains hybridomas developed by the center, ILRAD/ILRI, the Basel Institute of Immunology (that dissolved years ago), USDA/NIH, and hybridomas donated by individual investigators. The hybridomas include mAbs specific for known leukocyte differentiation molecules and hybridomas left over from the international workshops, convened to collaborate in development and characterization of mAbs for use in large animal research, that await full characterization of their specificity.

The mAbs currently available for research in cattle are listed in Table I.

Many gaps remain in reagents needed to conduct research on vaccines and the immune-pathogenesis of pathogens and parasites, especially for Theileria parva and mycobacterial pathogens M. bovis and M. paratuberculosis.  These include transcription factors regulating T and B cell differentiation, cytokine and chemokine receptors that are associated with trafficking and differentiation of T cells with different effector and regulatory activity. This also includes receptors involved in uptake and processing of antigens expressed on antigen presenting cells (dendritic cells and macrophages). Current efforts are focused on development of reagents critically needed for investigation of the immune response to Theileria parva.

Table II lists the reagents currently under development or planned.


Table I. Monoclonal antibodies for use in cattle

Catalog #  Clone  Description Ig isotype
BOV2001 H58A MHC CL I G2a
BOV2002 PT85A MHC CL I G2a
BOV2122 B5C MHC CL I G2b
BOV2125 W6/32 MHC CL I G2a
BOV2120 H1A MHC CL I G2a
BOV2131 H6A MHC CL I G2a
BOV2003 H42A MHC CL II G2a
BOV2117 H34A MHC CL II G2b
BOV2007 BAQ95A CD2 G1
BOV2008 MUC2A CD2 G2a
BOV2113 16-1E10 CD2 G1
BOV2123 CH134A CD2 G1
BOV2009 MM1A CD3 G1
BOV2010 IL11A CD4 G2a
BOV2011 GC50A CD4 M
BOV2012 CACT138A CD4 G1
BOV2013 B29A CD5 G2a
BOV2014 CACT105A CD5 G1
BOV2015 BAQ91A CD6 G1
BOV2016 BAQ83A CD6 G2b
BOV2017 CACT80C CD8α G1
BOV2018 CACT130A CD8α G3
BOV2019 7C2B CD8α G2a
BOV2097 BAQ111A CD8α M
BOV2020 BAT82A CD8β G1
BOV2021 RH1A CD9 G3
BOV2111 B18A CD9 G3
BOV2112 LT86A CD9 G2a
BOV2023 HUH73A CD11a G1
BOV2024 MM10A CD11b G2b
BOV2025 MM12A CD11b G1
BOV2026 BAQ153A CD11c M
BOV2066 BAQ151A CD11c G1
BOV2124 MM31A CD11c M
BOV2027 CAM36A CD14 G1
BOV2028 CAM66A CD14 M
BOV2109 MM61A CD14 G1
BOV2029 BAQ30A CD18 G1
BOV2030 HUH82A CD18 G2a
BOV2031 GB25A CD21 G1
BOV2032 BAQ15A CD21 M
BOV2073 CACT108A CD25 G2a
BOV2074 CACT116A CD25 G1
BOV2075 GB112A CD25 G1
BOV2076 LCTB2A CD25 G3
BOV2077 LCTB32A CD25 M
BOV2078 CACT114A CD26 G2b
BOV2136 NK29A CD26 G1
BOV2137 NK47A CD26 G2a
BOV2033 TE1A CD28 M
BOV2034 FW4-101 CD29 G1
BOV2107 ILA158A CD40 G1
BOV2036 CAPP2A CD41 G1
BOV2037 BAG40A CD44 G3
BOV2038 BAT31A CD44 G1
BOV2039 CACTB51A CD45 G2a
BOV2040 GS5A CD45R G1
BOV2041 GC6A CD45R M
BOV2042 ILA116A CD45R0 G3
BOV2043 GC42A CD45R0 G1
BOV2044 HUH71A CD47 G1
BOV2045 TH17A CD47 M
BOV2079 FW3-218 CD49d G2b
BOV2134 CACT180A CD50 G1
BOV2135 CACT216A CD50 M
BOV2046 BAQ92A CD62L G1
BOV2080 KTSN7A CD69 G1
BOV2081 ILA77A CD71 M
BOV2127 ILA159 CD80 G1
BOV2128 ILA190A CD86 G1
BOV2141 LND68A CD163 G1
BOV2065 LND37A CD163 G1
BOV2049 DH59B CD172a G1
BOV2105 ILA53A CD205 G2a
BOV2106 ILA114A CD205 G1
BOV2133 209MD26A CD209 G2a
BOV2058 GB21A TCR1-N24 d chain specific G2b
BOV2059 CACT61A TCR1-N12 d chain specific M
BOV2056 CACTB6A TCR1-N6 γ chain specific? M
BOV2057 CACTB81A TCR1-N7 γ chain specific? G1
BOV2050 B7A WC1+ γδ T cell N1 epitope M
BOV2053 BAQ4A WC1+ γδ T cell N2 epitope G1
BOV2052 GB54A WC1+ γδ T cell N25 epitope G2a
BOV2054 CACTB32A WC1+ γδ T cell N3epitope G1
BOV2121 CACTB7A WC1+ γδ T cell N3 subset G1
BOV2055 BAQ89A WC1+ γδ T cell N4 epitope G1
BOV2119 BAQ159A WC1+ γδ T cell N4 subset G1
BOV2093 BAG2B WC1+ γδ T cell N27 epitope M
BOV2094 BAG25A WC1+ γδ T cell N28 epitope M
BOV2098 CACTB21A WC1+ γδ T cell N29 epitope G1
BOV2099 CACTB31A WC1+ γδ T cell N30 epitope G2b
BOV2101 CACT21A WC1+ γδ T cell N31 epitope G1
BOV2118 ILA29 WC1+ γδ T cell G1
BOV2060 PIG45A sIgM G2b
BOV2061 BIG73A sIgM G1
BOV2062 BIG715A IgG1 G1
BOV2145 BIG312D3 IgA G1
BOV2063 BIG501E l light chain G1
BOV2064 BAQ44A B cells M
BOV2102 GB26A B cells M
BOV2126A BAQ155A B cells (sIgM?) G1
BOV2067 CH138A Neutrophils M
BOV2068 MM20A Neutrophils = CH138A G1
BOV2070 BIB ab and gd T cells M
BOV2071 TH18A Pan lymphocyte G3
BOV2072 GB50A Pan leukocyte, endothelial cells G1
BOV2082 CACT200A SLAMF9 (ACT 1) G1
BOV2083 CACT206A SLAMF9 (ACT 1) G2a
BOV2092 FOX5A Foxp3 G1
BOV2103 GB53A Gr, mono/ lymph sub G1
BOV2104 GC34A Lymphocytes, monocytes M
BOV2132 NK64A Gp96 G1
BOV2138 BAQ56A Platelets G1
BOV2139 BAQ125A Platelets G2b
BOV2140 GC5A Platelets G1


Table II.  Current status of mAb development program

Molecule Specificity Status
CD209 Immature DC Validated
CD83 Mature DC In process
CD135 Flt-3 Planned
CD282 TLR2 Cross reactive mAb available
CD284 TLR4 Planned
Phenotype markers
CD IL-12R Validating specificity
CD IL-23R Validating specificity
CD161 Natural Killer Cell Surface Protein P1A Validating specificity
CD358 IL-21R In process, hybridomas just produced
CD126 IL-6R Planned
CD210a IL-10RA Planned
Activation markers
CD69 Early activation Validated
CD154 CD40L Validating specificity
CD152 CTL-4 In process, ready for fusion
FoxP3 (transcription factor) Treg Validated
GARP (surface protein) Glycoprotein A Repetitions Predominant Validating specificity
Functional status
CD95 Death receptor
CD273 PD-L2
CD274 PD-L1
CD279 PD1
CD223 LAG-3
CD366 TIM-1
CD192 CCR2 Planned
CD195 CCR5 Planned
CD196 CCR6 Validating specificity
CD197 CCR7 Cross reactive mAb available
CD354 TREM-1 Myeloid cells
IFN-γ Validated
IL-17 Validated
IL-1β Validated
GM-CSF Validated


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